Monday, 19 May 2008

Arsenal get the last laugh...

Written by Daz

It's not a big belly laugh though, more of a bit of a reluctant "Heh". The source of this is the fact that Mathieu Flamini's new club, AC Milan will only at best be playing in the UEFA Cup next season after finishing a fairly woeful 5th in Serie A whereas Arsenal of course have Champions League Qualifiers to look forward to. Not that qualification is assured or easy, in fact this being a European Championship year, it will mean a tired and fatigued group of players whilst the East European teams in particular are growing in strength year on year and represent a threat.

Still, the Flamster said that money was not his only motivation for moving. I guess a burning desire to play Racing Santandar and Motherwell was driving him on too.

Not bitter. Well, not much.

Good luck Mathieu.

1 comment:

Yas said...

Heh heh.

Although I wouldn't be surprised if Berlusconi somehow makes sure that Milan qualify for next season's Champion's League.